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AQUILA hospital bed, Formed

AQUILA hospital bed

 AQUILA electric hospital bed is designed for the care, treatment, diagnosis and patient monitoring.

It is an ideal bed for special acute units, especially neurology, cardiology, intensive care and rehab units and also for longer-term wards. Versatile functionality of the bed  and wide range of additional accessories allow to fully exploit the potential of knowledge in the field of patient treatment.

Construction of the bed is made of steel profiles coated with epoxy-polyester powder varnish resistant to mechanical damages and disinfection. 
Four-segment pallet with three segments adjustable. Bed pallet segments filled with permanently installed welded steel mesh. Protective bumpers on four corners. Four non-marking castors with plastic covers, with central braking system and one directional wheel. CPR function in back segment. Autoregres in the backrest and thigh segments. Battery back up.  Plastic chassis cover.


• Electric adjustment of backrest and thigh segments accomplished by electric actuators
• Height adjustment is accomplished by electric actuator
• Shank rest segment is adjustable mechanically by Rastomat
• Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg functions adjustable by electric actuators.

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