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B. Braun Space GlucoseControl Interview (Deborah Ebsworth, UK)


BBraun Space Station

B. Braun SpaceStation
Customised solution with just a click
The SpaceStation allows flexible configuration of your workstations. Up to four Space infusion pumps can be placed into one docking station in any configuration
All it takes is a click to integrate the devices into the system. Removal is just as quick and easy
For complex therapies, up to six SpaceStations can be conveniently combined into one system. The power is always supplied to the system via a single cable
With the SpaceCover Comfort the status of the infusion devices can easily be identified at a glance. Alarms and pre-alarms will be indicated visually and audibly. The integrated carry handle converts the B. Braun SpaceStation into a portable unit.

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