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OtoSim Otoscopy Training and Simulation - The Whole Story

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Ear Examination Trainer - OtoSim

OtoSim Inc sells Otoscopy (OtoSim™ and PneumatoSim™ ) and Ophthalmoscopy (OphthoSim™) training & simulation systems aimed at improving training for medical practitioners such as physicians, nurses, and other primary care staff who carry out primary physical evaluations.

Otoscopy is one of worst acquired diagnostic skills. Literature shows that the diagnostic accuracies of General Practitioners and Pediatricians is about 50%. Clinical studies have shown a two fold increase in diagnostic accuracy of medical students and residents and excellent skill retention with OtoSim™.

Through hands-on simulation, extensive content, and enhanced interactivity, OtoSim Inc. training systems enable trainees to quickly & effectively develop confidence in their practical Otoscopy (ear examination) and ophthalmoscopy (eye examination) skills. In just over 2 years, OtoSim Inc systems are in almost 200 teaching institutions and hospitals in over a dozen countries.

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