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ALVO Spółka z o.o. sp. k.

ALVO Spółka z o.o. sp. k.

It is our mission to meet the expectations of our customers by offering high quality products!

ALVO Medical provides innovative solutions and products for operating theatres and other healthcare facilities, including laboratory and mortuary/pathology labs. We develop ideas into finished, market-ready commodities. We manufacture and install on turnkey basis. The production facility is located in Poland, where the whole manufacturing process is being conducted. Several company sales and distribution offices operate in select areas around the world. Our experience of 20 years makes us a reliable partner.

The confidence of our customers is our best reference. We have already earned renown for excellent technology, superior material and highest hygiene standards. The ALVO MEDICAL deliver ergonomic integrated systems that consists of wall and ceiling panels, doors, glass elements, surgical scrub sinks, cabinets, patient transportation systems, operating tables and operating lights.

As of 2011, our team has put enormous effort into the development of an intelligent operating theatre, the ALVO INTEGRA. The system navigates the devices in the operating room for better functionality and efficiency of the medical staff. ALVO INTEGRA has recently been developed with clinical image registration and distribution options.

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