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Formed Sp. z o.o. Sp. K

Company Formed
FORMED is a manufacturer and a provider of medical equipment, realizing turnkey projects in medical field.
Our mission is the continuous growth of the company in order to satisfy customer expectations. We introduce new products to the market and implement innovative manufacturing technologies to the company.

FORMED Group is an efficient organization consisted of 2 companies responsible for other tasks.
FORMED Sp.k. is responsible for sales, realization and service.
FORMED PRO Sp. Z o.o. manufactures hospital equipment.
The precise definition of tasks and responsibilities allows us to specialize, make the organization more efficient and processes faster and helps us achieve our goals.

FORMED is created by employees and they are its greatest value . Employees of FORMED companies have extensive experience gained over the years of working in the medical industry. FORMED pro engineers and technologists are the authors of many highly successful and recognized constructions of specialist nursing care beds, stretchers and other products commonly used in medical facilities.

Cooperation with our regular partners determines the strength of our project . Carrying out large and ambitious tasks we cooperate with renowned companies, specialized in their fields.

Our work is our passion. We do everything with great care and attention to detail and a smiling face.

We are ambitious and set lofty goals for ourselves. Their achievement is a measure of our successes. The success and the prosperity of the company is our professional dreams come true.

We invite you to cooperation!

Create your future with Us!


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