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ALSi from iSimulate and ZYOS AV-System


Innovative medical simulation with ALSi from iSimulate

iSimulate- world-class simulation for a reasonable price

iSimulate provides world class simulation systems that are a realistic and cost effective solution to organisations across the world. Our mantra is simple – use the best of current mobile technology to create products that are more advanced, simpler to use and more cost effective than traditional simulation solutions.


iSimulate provides highly advanced simulation platforms for far less than the cost of traditional systems.Train anywhere and at anytime, gaining valuable experience without the cost and complexity of traditional simulators.


Students view a realistic patient monitor while the instructor uses a handheld control pad to control  everything from parameters to time.


Using just two iPads, the lightness and simplicity of ALSi makes it ideal for in-situ training which provides facilitators with a great tool for training and learners an incredibly realistic platform to learn from. ALSi allows simulation and scenario based education to be delivered quickly, easily and intuitively.  It is a hyper-flexible patient monitor simulator which uses 2 iPads connected wirelessly. The system includes, an AED, sophisticated multi-parameter patient monitor and defibrillator can all be simulated using the touch screen of an iPad. 

ALSi can be connected to any manikin and it can be used with standardised patients.  It is intrinsically safe as it does not deliver any energy. ALSi uses 2 iPads connected by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to talk to each other. Wi-Fi can be provided using the supplied Apple Airport Express, Mobile Wi-Fi (Mi-Fi) or using the Personal Hotspot on one of the iPads.


CTGi is the world first real obstetric simulator. CTGi provides an economical, highly advanced and realistic fetal heart rate monitor simulation package.Manage mother & child vitals, introduce decelerations & contractions. Everything CTGi offers is aimed at enabling you to create traces that are every bit the real thing, easily.CTGi has many features that will simplify and enhance your simulation experience. Both user and facilitator will benefit from the advanced features of CTGi


The best just got better. ALSi and CTGi already outpace their competitors in ease of use, portability, realism and user interfaces. With ALSi Version 4, the instructor audit tools, timed events, library of ECG and capnography waveforms, lab results, and capability to import your own images, videos (ultrasound, echos), and sounds make this product second to none.  

ALSi and CTGi provide highly advanced simulation platforms for far less than the cost of traditional systems.

For more information just contact us via Mail. 

The Skillqube GmbH is official distributor of iSimulate in Europe and a Training Center of the Americal Heart Association. Please visit our Hompage: http://www.skillqube.com.

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