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IC Pen - an innovative system of digitizing the documents

IC Pen is an innovative system of digitizing the documents. 
IC Pen system based on digital pen technology which allows documents to be simultaneously created in both written and electronic version. It can be possible thanks to project of digital pen - an innovative device which extends the capabilities of a normal ballpoint pen which allows automatic digitizing and processing of handwritten text. Thanks to IC Pen users can create and print professional questionnaire, fill the form with digital pen, transfer the data from the pen to the computer by using the docking station or Bluetooth communications and analyze the data. 


IC Pen technology is based on digital pen technology. It is an innovative device which extends the capabilities of a normal ballpoint pen which allows automatic digitizing and processing of handwritten text.Although digital pen looks, feels and writes like a normal pen it is in fact a miniature computer. Its “brain” is ARM 9 processor which with the help of a build-in digital camera captures everything that was written and stores it on a memory card. Digital pen enables its users to easily create, retain and automatically digitize notes of any kind. Digital pen is fully programmable which allows not only data storage but also interactions between the user and the computer.Digital pen scans a special code that is printed on a paper. Each pen stroke activates a CCD camera which takes digital snapshots of the dot pattern at a rate of between 50 and 100 images per second. Each snapshot contains enough data to enable the pen’s image microprocessor to determine the exact position of the digital pen as well as what, where and when something was written.
Having captured the coordinates from the paper, the digital pen provides key data about the handwriting context which allows determining what information will follow (e.g. a form filling situation). In addition, every digital pen has a unique pen ID which includes not only the details of what was written but also who wrote it, even if the text was written only on one page. All the data is then retained in the pen’s internal memory and if necessary transferred to the computer via Bluetooth or USB port. The digital pen alone would be worthless, if it were not for the dotted paper. All forms of conventional paper can be converted into digital paper by printing an appropriate dot pattern (a 600 dpi laser printer is sufficient). Every small area of the pattern has a unique combination of little, grey dots in different positions. When the user writes on a digital paper, the digital pen reads and retains the position of the dots and obtains the information about the location of the text. The dots are almost invisible to the naked eye. Although the dot pattern makes the paper grey it does not impede the use.


  • Using digital pen provide to fill the forms and documents anywhere and anytime
  • Even 9 hour writing without contact with the computer
  • IC Pen gives possibility to transfer the documents by Bluetooth – during a meeting with a client or at any other time
  • With IC Pen the data you generate while writing on paper forms has its digital version created simultaneously
  • Quick transmission of documents, thanks to ability to transfer data from the digital pen to mobile devices
  • The agreements do not need to scan - a document after sending is 1:1 reproductions of the paper version
  • Ability to maintain direct contact with clients
  • Possibility to fill the documents without the barrier bound up with digital exclusion
  • By simultaneously creating both paper and electronic version of the document you are secured from losing your data in case one of the data sources was destroyed
  • Possibility of transfer the capture data to the system from the paper document with possibility to save the paper counterpart
  • Durability of digital pen proven by long-term use in public institution and private companies
  •  IC Pen lets you control when and for how long the document was edited by remembering the exact time of the document’s creation
  • The IC Pen system allows to create an orderly documents database
  • Categorization of documents enables efficient search by name, surname, the date of signing document or any other information
  • Using IC Pen is just like using any analog pen, so anyone able to write with a casual pen can take advantage of our solution
  • With IC Pen you can save money by saving the time of your employees they would use to rewrite or scan the documents.
  • IC Pen is compatible with other  systems and can run in the tray
IC Pen system enables efficient providing expertise and rapid transfer the data. Moreover, IC Pen facilities the analysis of data in the extensive analytical module. The implementation can result in optimization the process of create, fill and control of the capture data. Functions of the system can be adapted to the user and the company requirements. Digital pen is used in all over the world in in public institutions and private companies. Digital pen is intuitive device and suitable device for many activities related to record-keeping

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