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Ear Examination Simulator II MW 12

The EAR Examination Simulator is designed for training in the examination of the external acoustic meatus and tympanic membrane directly with an otoscope. Designed for training in distinguishing cases and also practicing earwax and foreign body removal.

  • Easily interchangeable life-size, life-like, plug-in ears.
  • Special graphical case contents provide exact case imaging through the otoscope.
  • Examination possible from both left and right sides.


  1. Actual otoscopes can be used for training (not supplied)
  2. Diagnostic training using both the right and left ears is possible with 10 matching sets of ear models showing embedded tympanic membrane images.
  3. Anatomically correct ear models with soft material facilitate hands-on practice in clinical procedures such as straightening the auditory canal by pulling the auricle.
  4. The manikin neck can be tilted from side to side to learn head positioning.
  5. A normal case with a wider view is provided as an introductory level.
  6. Foreign body removal can be practiced using simulated earwax and/or small objects, and a pair of ear models without eardrums.

Set includes

  • 1 manikin head and shoulder
  • 1 set of ear case models (11 pairs)
  • 1 set of simulated ear wax, small toys and small sponge fragments
  • 1 talcum powder
  • 1 carrying case
Manikin size:
42 x 21.5 x 38H cm, 2 kg
Packing size:
30 x 70 x 50H cm, 11 kg
*An otoscope is not supplied with the unit.
*Specifications are subject to change.

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Ear Examination Simulator

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