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Name Category Topics Location Moderator from date
IC Pen - an innovative system of digitizing the documents Equipment and production

Adrianna Kowalczyk

2014-08-21 08:38
II Global SimOlympics 2015 - Global Competition of Student Medical Teams Organisations and Conferences Global competition of student medical teams soon


2016-02-24 10:06
III International Medical Simulation Final Competitions SimChallenge 2016 in Lisbon of Student Medical Teams Organisations and Conferences


2016-10-18 19:06
Innovative medical simulation with ALSi from iSimulate Accompanying equipment Advanced medical simulation software from iSimulate - Europe

Schmitt Lukas

2015-07-09 11:28
Interactive maps of the world others Maps on the internet


2016-11-18 14:06
Internet forums, inter- and national organizations of Medical Simulation Organisations and Conferences


2014-05-02 13:23
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