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SIMsim project has been completed - 15. Mai 2014

Project SIMsim - Mock-up Rooms of Medical Simulation Laboratory

Project SIMsim - Your product presentation at the European Medical Simulation Conference  SESAM 2014 Poznań, 12-14 June more in polish

Bookings made by companies and brands to Simsim (as to 05/15/14) 
* innov.com.pl
* icsolutions.pl
* SonoSite
* Simbionix
* medela.pl
* medinet.opole.pl
* promed.com.pl
* emtel.com.pl
* Laerdal
* lmp.pl
* livetvsystems.com
* BBraun, chifa.com.pl
* OtoSim
* Alvo.pl
* Biameditek
* Kyotokagaku
* B-Line Medical 
(not yet determined the equipment but negotiates)
* RespiVent
* Medline Poland

Thank you for your understanding Simsim ideas and help in its organization.

What is SIMsim?

SIMsim  is a cross-sectional view od a small simulation laboratory with open walls and fully equipped with real ( described ) equipment.

SIMsim’s role is to help  Polish Uniwersities of Medical Sciences to face the challenges to come and find their way in the constant flood of information.

How to build a simulation centre?
What equipment to use?   
What producers and distributors should be involved?

Situation of Polish higher education institutions in the background:

In Poland, in the academic year 2013/2014, was for the first time introduced a course of medical studies, after the completion of which students do not have to complete a medical internship in such a dimension as before. Hence, the examinations entitling future medical doctors to perform their professional duties will be taken just in Medical Simulation Laboratories which imitate small hospitals with dozens of rooms that have to be built by the university. There are, among others: Emergency Rooms, ICU, neonatal rooms, operating theatres - all fully equipped with real equipment.
In 2013, the Ministry of Science covered the cost of architectural projects of Simulation Laboratories for 11 universities of medical sciences, and guaranteed for each university PLN 20 million on equipment. For example, the Simulation Centre in Poznan will have three floors and nearly 3,000 m2. The similar situation is observed at other universities. In total, the cost of the equipment in simulation laboratories in Poland which will be implemented over the next 2-3 years will amount to PLN 300 million.

Every year representatives of Medical Simulation industry meet at professional conferences connected with the fair.

This year, the organizer of the Jubilee 20 th European Congress of the Medical Simulation SESAM 2014 is the University of Medical Sciences in Poznan.  For the first time the conference is held in the country of the old Eastern Bloc. We expect about 1,000 visitors.

For the first time the exhibitors at SESAM will be given 25% discount and the opportunity to share the smallest stand = 3 m2.

SimSim on SESAM 2014 Conference more in polish
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